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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Major Gas Rate Case Goes to Hearing

After years of settlements on three-year rate plans reached in major rate cases, the NY PSC has before it a fully litigated rate cases involving Brooklyn Union Gas Company d/b/a National Grid NY for and KeySpan Gas East Corp. d/b/a National Grid for gas service. The hearing concluded in February and final briefs are due April 21, 2020. This case has the potential to create new precedent and policy for the NY PSC.

NY PSC Issues Order Limiting Competitive Electric Providers; Motions for Stay and Rehearing Pending

After a long and contentious proceeding, on December 12, 2019 the NY PSC issued an order essentially limiting non-utility competitive electric suppliers to three kinds of service offerings to new customers: (1) a variable price service guaranteed to be lower in price than the default service provided by the customer’s distribution utility (a “guaranteed savings” product); (2) a fixed-price product guaranteed to be no more than five percent more expensive than the default service provided by the customer’s distribution utility over the preceding 12 months; and (3) a service providing at least 50 percent renewable energy, in addition to whatever renewable energy the supplier was obligated to provide to the customer under the Commission’s Renewable Energy Standard (a “clean energy” product). Motions for rehearing and for stays of the order were filed by Direct Energy Services, LLC and The Retail Energy Supply Association (“RESA”). The National Energy Marketers Association (“NEMA”) also filed a petition for rehearing.

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